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    Welcome to the FREE CDL Permit Testing section on Terry Teaches Trucking! Whether you stumbled upon us through our YouTube channel or found us another way, feel free to create an account and take our practice tests as often as you’d like. All our permit quizzes are available to the general public at no cost.

    ELDT.Courses serves as our hub for both practice tests and paid courses. Here’s the scoop:

    1. Practice Tests:

      • You’ll find a wealth of CDL permit practice tests here. These are free and open to everyone, anywhere in the USA.
      • Use them to sharpen your skills and prepare for your CDL permit.

    2. Paid Courses:

      • We’re developing specialized courses for a fee of $25 each.
      • Topics to include Passenger, School Bus, and Hazmat Theory.

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Available courses

General knowledge quiz questions.  You will get different questions presented to you each time that you take this quiz.  Please take it multiple times to get the optimal value.

Everything you want to know about combination vehicles

Everything that you need to know about Air Brakes to obtain your CDL Permit.